22 December 2008

Wild weather

So, dear reader, you think that the Virginia climate is warm and temperate, do you not? Let me disabuse you of such notions. At sunrise this morning, my weather station reported +7F with a chill factor of -6F. The wind howled from the west almost all night and I now know that these windows all leak air badly where the window meets the sill.

The data points are still few but it appears that when the air is damp and rain imminent, the temperatures are more or less moderate for the season; when the skies clear and the wind active, very cold temperatures are possible. Tuesday is forecast to be as cold as today; on Saturday, it was 61F...


Miss April aka SilverSunbeam said...

In honor of chanooka.... Oi Vey! That's bloody cold!!! Glad I have some long underwear and many fuzzy mamals to shar the bed with. Yikes!

April Grisetti-Nail aka Big April said...

It has certainly been bloody cold here in Virginny and we (myself, Chris and me sister Jenny) are feeling very thankful to have had the time to visit the Farm. Thanks for the tea Russ and stay warm!
Big April