16 December 2008

a proper cuppa

Glory be! The moving truck from Philadelphia with our household contents from Scotland arrived this morning. It took two mistaken boxes but on the third try, one with tea pots was found, the precious treasure unwrapped and a proper cuppa brewed. After a fortnight of making tea in an aluminum pot on the stove top, it was a moment for quiet celebration and thanks.

The weather today has been about 38-40F and a steady drizzle, a "Scottish mist" if you will. The clouds are so low they are brushing through the tops of the trees. That view and drinking from one of our Cupar teapots and a Macphails' cup has put me in a melancholy, missing our friends there.

Images will be posted if and when I ever see the cord that connects the camera to the computer again. It's here somewhere...

1 comment:

SilverSunbeam said...

Yay! They didn't break!