08 December 2008

He's Arrived!

It's official.... Russ & Miss Lilly are living in Floyd, Virginia. Russ froze his fingers off to take pictures of the Winterfest parade. True to what we were told, he mentioned that he needed a way to get home after returning the truck tomorrow and two people he'd only met twice offered to give him a lift home from The Big City (Christiansburg.)

In all the moving craziness... and open doors... the propane (which we knew was low) ran out Saturday. Russ filled the fireplace/furnace thing and enjoyed a reasonably warm house overnight. 6:30 AM Sunday morning saw the propane guy filling the tank... 450 gallons out of 500... and advising us that it was going to be an unusually cold and snowy winter. Now we know why Cold Bringing Woman Katchina came into our collection. Surely she was watching out for him when the propane guy said he'd come out first thing on a Sunday in Church Country!

Here's another picture Russ sent me from the parade. Aren't those kids cute? They don't look like they know the high was below freezing!

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