23 December 2008

Meanwhile, Back in the Land of Enchantment...

Hi Honey, what did you do today?

Well. sweetheart, Eric and I worked on getting the bedroom floor laid down and then your old college buddies drove down from Roanoke for a wee visit. How was your day?

Did you get the snow pictures from this morning?

Oh yes... I can't believe you got ten inches in Santa Fe!

We got two or three more after I took those pics. I shoveled snow most of the day. We have a looooonnng driveway, you know! I'm awfully glad I broke your old shovel. That new ergonomic one sure made it easier.

Why did it take you all day, sweetie?

I shoveled the whole drive... The snow is too deep for the Honda to push through. I feel pretty good about it... even managed to beat the trash truck at two! Good thing too as last week's snow was on trash day too and I didn't beat the truck then. Oh, and I cut a path to the wood pile and cleared the turn around too.

I bet you're glad you can spend the evening curled up with the kitties enjoying a nice fire. We finally got Mom's big buffet moved away from the fireplace here. It took all five of us... Forgot just how heavy it was!

Sweetie... I cleared that drive and I'm gonna USE it. Those cats wouldn't even come out and keep me company. Not even Grover. He's turned into a snow wimp. I mean, the high was a balmy 32 degrees. Didn't even need my coat once I got going. I'm gonna take a shower and go to LV's party tonight.

Drive safely.

I will. And I have a box of bird seed in the back in case I need traction. We're not supposed to get more snow until the wee hours, so I should be Ok.

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