04 December 2008

Wednesday Was Move Day

We never thought it would all fit, but somehow it did. We are now officially, really, truly, no-kidding, you betcha, uh-huh, this-ain't-a-joke MOVING.

Russ and Miss Lilly are on the road between Oklahoma City and Nashville as I write. I took the day off yesterday and just bummed around town. Today it's all about getting things back into some kind of order in preparation for an orderly packing of our masses of stuff. What that means is: I get to fix all the little thing that went skew-wiff in the past two days.

That's a true 16-foot truck packed to the roof and you'd hardly know it looking inside the house. We had the movers out to pack the thing on Monday. I'll write about the experience later. For now, enjoy these pictures of a more peaceful, gentle part of the moving experience.

Goodbye Russ! I'll see you in a few weeks!

The cab was loaded up with all the necessities for the cross-country journey.

And one really unhappy cat rides shotgun!

A final check that the little car is well attached.

Off They Go!

1 comment:

Eric said...

Hooray! As with any proper cross-country trip, I see Russ' is starting with a bag of empty carbohydrates handy. Good show. And how many Minors are there, exactly? I'm quite sure the one I've seen is a tin top.

Good luck with the weather!