17 December 2008

The Cord is Found!

Yes, devoted audience, the necessary cable linking ye camera to ye computer has been discovered and thus photographs shall be included.

These three men from Philadelphia arrived with all 85 bits of the remainder of our life in Scotland on Monday morning. The driver, the man in the centre, with great skill, backed down the entire length of the driveway (1,000'+). They were fine gentlemen and very efficient in their craft- unloading boxes & furniture at the rate of one a minute. Not only is the house filled with boxes that I brought from Santa Fe but now 85 new pieces of flotsam and jetsam, from mattress to tea caddy. Importantly, there were winter clothes amongst the contents; a most welcome addition. After months in storage it is fair to state that the textiles are a bit fusty (thank you for teaching me that word, Daisy) and now this house has 'that odor.' Oh well.

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