17 December 2008

New molding

My friend and fellow chunk gun shooter, Bill Burtt, was here from Indianapolis for four days to rip off the ugly window and door trim on the ground floor (kitchen, living room and dining room) and replace it with molding he crafted in the shop here. The 1x4s are local pine and purchased at Wills Ridge Building Supply, a great place about six miles away. After years of seeing mostly junk wood in Santa Fe, I was totally amazed to see 14 foot long boards without a single knot or defect. and the prices were very, very reasonable. Besides his work in the day, Bill was great company for Lily and I - and perhaps it was his presence that finally brought her out of her funk. Bill did the interior woodwork in David and Jane Wright's fabulous house in Tennessee and worked his magic here. The entire house looks better for it even though I haven't painted the new trim yet.


JocelynneSimone said...

I think I've seen David Wright's work in a museum. Was his work shown at Gilcreas by any chance? I just know some of those pieces so well as if I've looked at them many times. And they are really just so beautiful!

Anyway, congratulations on the molding and on everything else. It sounds like a lot hard but good work. Wish I could help you 409 some of those cabinets, though. At least you have Miss Lily to keep you company.

Diana Dallas said...

Wishing you the very best in your new and wonderful home Russ and April xoxo Diana