21 August 2010

Top Ten: Dog Lessons

Fifteen years ago I was not-quite-terrified of dogs. Then I lived with Mr. Kuma, the world's nicest dog. Kuma showed me that big toothy dogs are actually really quite gentle. Then we had Nutter, aka "Squirt the Brain Damaged Mutt," who was a real lesson in patience and gentleness. Then I worked at the animal shelter and met hundreds of dogs. They taught me all sorts of stuff. Now we have Rufus and Rocky and as I watch them I see more lessons to learn. Here are ten.

10: Play hard, it makes you sleep well.

9: Enjoy your food, even if it's the same thing every day.

8: Sleep more when it's dark and cold outside.

7: Dare to ask for what you want.

6: Have no shame.

5: Elect not to mind.

4: Pestering someone until they like you can work if done right.

3: Never apologize for your taste and preferences.

2: Don't let correction ruin your mood.

1: Always be ready to turn work into fun.

02 August 2010

10 Reasons:: To Have Ten Cats

I am that crazy woman you spotted at Petsmart loading up her cart with every bag of the only food her fish-allergic pride can eat. And, yes, I know all the grades of gack that can possibly exist (I think.)

Some people.... like my city-dwelling mother and other fans of homes that do not breed dust bunnies the size of Toledo... think we're just a little over the top having ten cats in the house. Yes, I do sometimes spend an hour trying to get them inside but a little food savvy on Mr. Fuzzy's part means that everyone is ready to come in when they're supposed to... most of the time.

Around Floyd having a big colony of pussycats is within the range called "normal." Some people even seek to maintain a dozen or so by choice! There are some benefits to having way too many cats for sanity Here are ten... one for each cat.

1: No wild bird will eat my blueberries or strawberries.

2: There is zero chance of freezing to death with 150 pounds of cat under the covers.

3: Squirrels do not dare steal chicken feed, bird food, or peaches.

4: A cat can stare down a deer every time.

5: Cat pee discourages vegetable predators!

6: No moles outside and no mice inside.

7: There's always somebody to guard the hen house.

8: If one cat is feeling uppity another is always ready to take on their cuddle duty.

9: Big fluffy kitty + butterfly = truly amusing action.

1o: They just look so darned pretty sitting out on the lawn.