22 January 2013

Wither Winter Weather and Whether

Most charming readers, ah yes, both of you, my apologies for a dearth of recent posts but there has been a commensurate dearth of subject material. Unlike many bloggers, Mr. Fuzzy doeth not write simply to see his words on the silver LED screen but to communicate fact and thought deemed worthwhile.

Grandpa used to say that God invented weather so strangers would have something to talk about. Mr. Fuzzy doth not believe you are a stranger dear reader, but that weather is always a ripe topic for discussion. Since the dawning of the New Year, Stratheden's weather has expressed itself in almost every manner possible. You saw the images of the ice storm and now most recently, the 8 to 10 inch wet snow (some county residents are still without power) most recent. The less visible fluctuations have been the temperatures. In the past fortnight, the high has been 60F and the low was this morning at 12F (methinks that's -10C for readers in the rest of the world). It seemed as if winter was either not coming for a visit this year or felt unwelcome and stayed but briefly. The weather prognosticators predict a HIGH temperature of 18F on Saturday so it seems Old Man Winter has decided to stay. Mr. Fuzzy is greatly concerned whether he has enough wood cut for the furnace or not...

The autumn/early winter drought seems to have broken with over eight inches of precipitation recorded in that same fortnight. More snow is forecast for Friday and unlike the last snow which floated to the warm earth in 30-32F air temperatures, Friday's snow will coat an already chilled ground in air temperatures below 25F. Hence Mr. Fuzzy checked the 1710 Ford tractor carefully yesterday, expecting to require its services in snow removal quite soon.

Mr. Fuzzy submits this image, made yesterday, to illustrate the degree to which the weather has been mostly unseasonable - until now. Stay warm and content in your homes, dear readers, spring will come early enough to catch the farm unprepared.