01 December 2008

It's (mostly) Loaded

Today we picked up our 16 foot Penske truck and trailer for the car. The goons arrived at 3 pm... right on time for Santa Fe... we were scheduled for an hour earlier. Three hours to load, a trip back to the truck place because they forgot to put the moving blankets in the truck, and an implosion for April... but all is now well. The dish-washing woman, the cook, and the packer have all quit. We are negotiating for their return at the end of the week but we're pretty sure there will have to be concessions...

Tomorrow Russ tries to tie up loose ends, pack some lenses, and decide which clothes to take. Early Wednesday morning he pulls out with his favorite kitty, Miss Lilly, for company. He expects to arrive at the new house Saturday mid-day.

As you can see from the picture, Miss Lilly is quite excited about the move. Well, she's excited about all the boxes at any rate.

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Eric said...

Glad to see the priorities (cats, old glass) are being tended to first. Dirty dishes can be thrown away. Looking forward to a picture of the Morris safely esconced in the Old Dominion.