08 December 2008

Monday With the Movers

The best place to spend that afternoon.... hiding in the storage room.

OK, I've recovered enough from the trauma of loading up the rental truck last week to show you a few pictures. I (April) spent the morning madly packing some of Russ' flintlocks and Russ finished up last minute inventory items. At 11:30 we drove down to the Penske place to pick up the 16 foot truck, car trailer, and two bundles of moving blankets. On the way home I stopped by our favorite sandwich shop... which seemed to have a sudden revival of business that day. Lunch didn't find its way home until after 1 PM so you can guess where our blood sugar was headed when we finally ate.

Here's Russ standing in the chaos.

The movers were due at 2 PM so Russ called the company to ask where they were at 2:20. Apparently they were at the furthest point of the area and not quite done packing that truck. At 3 PM they finally arrived. True to tradition they were both dim bulbs who didn't really know how to move furniture. We learned this straight off when they decided it was a good idea to push Russ' beautiful desk across the floor because it was rather heavy. Not lay it on a blanket and slide it but just push it across the tile. Not exactly good problem solvers. At least the one knew how to pack a truck. Apparently nothing shifted on the drive.

Here's Russ and our "crew" when they finished loading about 5 o'clock.

The guys were supposed to pack the truck in a two hour period but we had a little problem. The folks at Penske forgot to give us our blankets. Guess who got to drive into town and pick them up? That's about an hour lost. My going in was probably a good thing as I think I would have flipped out on the goons. As it was, I got home, parked the car, brought in a handful of blankets and officially quit for the night. I might have laid down ont the bed but it was covered with the stuff I'd declared could not be boxed before the movers arrived and really ought not to be where it could be trod upon. Instead, I joined the Cat Clan for a cuddle. Boy were they pissed about being locked up!

After half an hour I decided I'd calmed down enough to make a cup of tea and take some pictures for you. Here's Russ and Goon #2. Nutmeg is helping out and REALLY enjoying all the excitement. You know... Nutmeg... the dog who's terrified of her own heartbeat.

Isn't that a truly crappy picture of Russ? Here's another, just to prove the sun set before the loading was done. After this, the chap in the truck backed the truck around for us and got the trailer place. (Russ attached the trailer.)

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