25 December 2008

Happy Christmas!

Love and Joy come to you.
And to you your wassail too!

It's Christmas and the wee wyfie is drunk on joy!
May you feel great joy today all always!

Thanks for reading!

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Lausanne said...

I haven't been keeping up with your blog for a couple of days with all the holiday doings...but indeed "Stratheden Farm" is conveniently located on my toolbar so your blog gets perused as often as the weather on our computer. April, I spied your photo of inflatable Christmas characters and perhaps you can tell me the answer to a curious question. Brian and I have been noticing all the inflatable Christmas decorations adorning lawns around town, and we notice that most of them are little puddles of plastic during the day, only inflated and lit at night. Why is that? Are they that easy to inflate every night? (Brian has commented on what looks like a yard full of spent oversized condoms by day...hard to imagine why people would want them littering their yard if they aren't inflated!) Can you tell us why folks don't keep them inflated 24/7?
I hope you're not lonely out there with only cats to help you shovel snow ,organize your stuff and pack...When does Russell come back to SF to pack up the next load?
The shirt that you folks sent Brian fits him to a T and he looks handsome in it--good choice! And we have been enjoying the blue masa harina for tortillas. Brian has perfected his technique and makes 12 at a time, enough for two meals of tacos. A venison taco anyone? Yum! Thank you!
Today, Christmas Day, we both puttered around the house and yard. Our ducks came out today to take the air--the first warm day after some sharply colder weather. They look so awkward waddling through the snow and sliding on the ice...The chickens like to strut across the snow to see if the duck house has better food than their own, and the ducks don't generally like them intruding, though out of doors the ducks like to hang out with the hens when the weather is favorable.
It's a good thing these critters are hardy enough to tolerate the coldest days and nights...
Wishing you the best of spirits with all you need to accomplish in completing the move to Virginia.