25 December 2008

Celebrating Christmas

I declined three invitations to gatherings today in order to spend time on the farm. Tomorrow night will mark the end of the third week on the farm and yet there have been only two opportunities to walk around the farm, neither for more than twenty minutes.

To mark the holiday, I decided to spend a couple of hours just walking around the farm. The day proved spectacular (especially in contrast to Santa Fe) with a high of 51F, dead still and not a cloud in the skies all day long, perfect for a wee perambulation. The front half of the farm is fairly well known to me so the trek was to the back half. Deer tracks were virtually everywhere. Howell Creek (aka Long Man) is the southern border of the farm.

Rather than bore thee with more blether, the images will speak for themselves. Remember, good and devoted reader, that you may click on the images to enlarge them. The final image shows my walking companion, Ginny, made by Brian Anderson in the style of a c. 1765 Virginia flintlock rifle.

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Lausanne said...

I am enjoying the photos of the farm--the high spacious meadow, the stream, and of course your walking companion, made by someone I am rather fond of! Your walkabout sounds like a grand way to begin to get to know the land. Is hunting season over for the winter down there?
As you probably know by now, we have been enjoying some delectable venison from Brian's keen eye and steady hand. Nothing else is so tasty...
Now with the freezer full of duck, chicken goat and deer meat, not to mention all the fruits and vegetables we grew, we want for nothing. A good thing , too, because our driveway is treacherous with ice so we are happy to have no need to stray from home.
By next winter you and April will be snug , cozy and settled into your new home and community. I can imagine there is a bit of work for you both before that comes to pass though. We look forward to coming down for a visit when the time rolls around ...