02 March 2009

is there enough space?

Well, dear reader, I left you hanging with "the goods" being loaded into a United truck at ye olde hoos. I left an hour ahead of them and 1,700 miles later, arrived at the new house about four hours behind them (letting Nutmeg out for walkies added about 2 hours to each driving day).

Once more, the "Power Rangers of United" kicked into high gear and unloaded all of our earthly goods in two very long days. Chrystian and Neil are skinny for a reason- they work like mad and don't eat a lot...

The cats seem to delight in the new interior landscape, sort of a jungle gym for felines, boxes rising almost to the ceiling in three rooms, furniture and boxes crammed into a nearly solid mass in all of the other rooms; the only two rooms which escaped were the bedroom and bathroom. Think of total chaos and you will approach having the right idea.

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