22 March 2009

Que paso????

Let's see... what's up on the farm?

As you can see, we've had more flooring put in by our lovely friend Eric. In one morning he ripped out the world's worst excuse for a "rustic wood floor" and put in a beautiful powder room floor from some of what's left after doing the dining room. Eventually we'll get it painted and have him restore the plumbing to its proper place. It's curenly vacationing on the ever-more-crowded back porch.

You know Nutmeg came home after a month living with the cows next door. She was doing remarkably well, considering, but it looks like we'll be needing to up her pain meds as her hips are really bothering her something fierce. Turns out calf placenta is a reasonable substitute for her soloxine / rymadil / phenobarbital cocktail and the exercise and irregular food got those last few extra pounds off... now she's greedily trying to put them back on! We're confining Nutter to the main level and the walled garden. Oh how she does whine, as only She can, to be let out the front door!

All cat food has been removed to places inaccessible.
Though not quit as far as the barns!

I've also been back into the greenhouse. This time to actually plant some seeds! I have 22 kinds of stuff in soil now and more to do... we're trying 2 of most things and starting herbs for the walled garden as well.

Finally, Girlie Girl ran off in protest when she met Nutmeg (who wouldn't?) but changed her mind enough to hang around for food on the porch. This afternoon she was persuaded to come inside again where food is constant and sub-zero temps don't occur. We're starting to wonder if she's preggers again. She's put on an awful lot of weight in three weeks... as in, she went from a scrawny 9 pounds to I'm finding her as cumbersome to hold as Mr Grover. Here's a pic Grover would hate for you to see so that you can get a picture of this in your head:

That's a full-sized jumbo PetsMart shopping cart. Girlie fills a distinctively larger space. By way of contrast, Jack Tar (the world's best cat) gained two ounces after living with us for a month. He is starting to fill out a bit but it looks like he'll always be a bony-butted cat after a malnourished youth.

Finally, Russ is starting to feel better. He's not coughing as much and able to stay awake until sunset without a significant nap. Blessedly, he can also taste again, so he can enjoy all the good food we're getting here!

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