10 March 2009


It's official. The daffys are giggling at us. Spring is here. More snow is, of course, predicted but the plants don't care! My little experiment in "Winter Sowing" has succeeded in producing seedlings... these are poppies from the spice isle in the grocery store. Guess they weren't irradiated after all!

We also have English lawn daisies, leeks, and a hollyhock sprouted. Now to see if they really don't die in the coming bad weather. It'll be difficult not to put them in the greenhouse!


byrheea said...

Love this, ''My goals in life are to grow food and eat it; to make art and share it; to give love and receive it.'' :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Lausanne said...

Yes!-- Where is that quotation from?
Our leeks , onions and shallots are all sprouting , along with lettuce, mache, claytonia and mizspoona ( a Japanese mustard family green). The latter stuff will go in the greenhouse for first salads of spring alongside the spinach that I planted last October in there. It came up, stayed in frozen basal form over the winter under the cold frame glass, and now is jumping up with the increased light and warmth of late winter. (I can't say spring yet because we still have snow cover--no flowers in sight! Today we will tap some more maples and gather sap to boil. Hurrah for springaroundthecorner!