18 March 2009

Rock stars

We knew full well when we contracted to purchase this wee bit o'paradise that catching up on "deferred maintenance" was going involve a substantial outlay of cash and time. Today saw the completion of the first issue: more gravel on the driveway. During the recent freeze & thaw cycles, portions of our rather lengthy drive became spongy - and the weight of trucks going in and out was beginning to indent the base course - which would lead to major amounts of gravel required to repair.

Today was forecast to be warm (near 60F) and dry, with moisture possible on Thursday - a perfect set up. On Tuesday I ordered two truck loads of gravel for about the first two-thirds of the drive. Promptly at 8:30 a.m., Johnie and Willie (Willie, I hope I remember your name correctly, if not forgive me,please) arrived. Johnie and I walked the crucial portion and he educated me about the physics of laying down gravel with a dump truck, issues which had never crossed my mind. Within 15 minutes, the stone was disbursed. It didn't go quite as far as I had hoped, so 40 minutes later, Willie came with a second load. By 10:05, 49 tons of gravel now graced the entrance way to our wee farm. Thanks, guys.

After about twenty minutes with the Ford tractor and blade, it was almost like a brand new surface. Time to head off to the Blue Ridge Cafe for a celebratory breakfast - my first time off of the farm in eight days...

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