17 March 2009

The Cats Are REALLY Ticked...

No, I'm not talking about the kind that suck blood (though we've pulled a couple even in the cold here.) We're talking about anger, disdain, betrayal. we're talking about that look that says "Why must I suffer like this?"

What could cause this in our happy little colony? Is it the #6 cat who thinks she should be #1? Is it the five days of rain and fog that's kept them all inside and miserable? Have we changed their food or litter?


Do you remember our eulogy for Nutmeg? We were so amazed that she had such decisiveness. Well......

It turns out she'd only run as far as the cow shed on the next property and has been surviving on calf placenta. (Don't get Russ started on the timing of calves in this climate...) Today the farmer got hold of her and took her to the pound.

So, now we're doubly amazed. And for once, she's had an adventure that didn't cost a bundle. Ten bucks impound fee and she was freed.

Welcome home, Nutter. You're muddy, skinny, and unsure about this new house.... and we're back to our conflicted love for you.

Situation normal.... one animal too many.

1 comment:

Hampton House said...

I am so glad you found you little adventurer!
Tell the cats to behave and act like a dog! ;o)