28 February 2009

Nutmeg Makes a Decision

Yes, Nutter... our brain damaged, epileptic, well-medicated, and completely loving dog... who suffered two bouts of movers like a happy-go-lucky Labrador (even cozying up to strangers!)... who didn't pee on the seat of my car on her way out... yes, Nutmeg... who never thought beyond the couch and the next milkbone...

Made a decision.

She decided she didn't like being moved. In nowhere, Oklahoma (I think) she made her break while Russ did what one does at the side of the highway on a long trip. Off she went... even figuring out the right direction for home. Russ valiantly sacrificed his tweaky knee to chase her down and bring her back. Were it not for some big weeds, she'd have gotten away.

Russ, dutiful Russ, managed to get he and the dog to our new home in one piece without major trauma. Or so I thought. Nutter was just playing sweet. Who knew she was a schemer! She talked me into letting her out... made me believe she was glad to be where all her family seemed to be.


And she promptly left. We've not seen her in five days and, with the roads and the weather, presume she has gone to be a pest to Mr. Tam and her beloved kitty, Catfish. It's a sad feeling to have lost her. Gut wrenching that it was my fault after all Russ did not to poison her over the years. Yet... I get the feeling that she's happy. And I'm proud that she showed some gumption.

If only just once.


Eric said...

So sorry to hear about poor Nutmeg. A sad story...my condolences.

Jocelynne said...

Oh my dears, I too am sorry to hear about Nutmeg. I too hop that she has gone on to be a pest to Mr. Tam. It's hard to imagine her not by your sides. She's been there almost since I meet you all.

My love and hugs to you both!