20 February 2009

Sorry about the delay...

Mom and Dad have been kinda busy and I only just figured out how to type. Mom said she won't be my translator any more. I think you've seen plenty of pictures of Jack recently so here's one I got my brother, Grover, to take of me. I actually have discernible features when photographed!

Mom wrote about the two weeks she spent integrating Jack over on her other blog, here. It was very exhausting for all of us. Now I can reveal to you that I've finally caved in and decided this little guy isn't so bad, except that he always wants to play and doesn't know that hissing means he should go away. He just keeps saying "but why?" Ugh! Babies! It's getting better each time Miss Lilly whacks him for being impertinent.

Here's a picture of the day Miss Lilly declared that he could stay loose in the house. Lilly only looks like she's asleep.

Lilly and Mom said we had to at least not fight with him so we just had a bunch of hissing until a few days ago. Turns out he likes being chased too and we even sat together in the window reading over Mom's shoulder this morning. Mom couldn't get a photo of that, but wewere REALLY cute!

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Luscious Lather said...

You DO look very distinguished when photographed! I am impressed, even for a cat! Hmmmm. In regards to the disgusting topic of "other cats," I would have MORE than hissed! I would have scratched his eyes out! You have the patience of a saint. I spend as much time as possible lying on mom's bible, but have yet to absorb it all. Logan