11 February 2009

Riner Oyster Supper

Last Saturday I did some needed shopping in the nearest big town, Christiansburg, and stopped off along the way there for my supper at the annual Riner Fire Department Oyster Supper. Like most rural places, it's a volunteer fire and rescue squad.

As you can see, everyone was there! Most folks had trouble with these elementary school cafeteria seats, but I LOVED THEM! For once, the tables and chairs were my size.

It looks like the men did the cooking and the Ladies' Auxillary did the serving.
An hour in (when I got to the cashier) they'd served about 500 dinners.

Thankfully, they offered something other than fried oysters.
I got the "small" plate.

These are about 25% of the desserts on offer.
All home made, of course!

Scottish influences continue to shine through in Appalachia.

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