28 February 2009

adios, dear old homeplace

The packers came and went, the truck came and went, and I left as well. The house felt very sad as I drove away. There are many wonderful memories there, and dear Kuma is buried in the yard there, but it is time to begin a new life after two decades in that house. Strange to consider that, in all likelihood, I will never build a house again...

United Movers were pretty fine, just as many internet evaluations noted. The management was most solicitous that all was going well throughout the process. Although April had packed many, many boxes, and I packed a fair number myself (not counting the contents of the Penske truck I drove in December), much remained. The five packers boxed everything in two long days. The truck drivers, with two assistants, loaded over 500 boxes into their van in a two day period; those young men really hustled -they earned every penny of their pay.

I left about an hour ahead of the United truck and 1,700 miles later, arrived about four hours after them.

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