09 February 2009

Winter Sowing

Not knowing any better, and not trusting any book that says plants won't grow without expensive fertilizers (what did they do before artificial grow juice?) I've been reading all sorts of "alternative" garden resources...

Companion planting
Native gardening

One reader will know the only thing I've read that really made sense was a book about how weeds will always win the war. Plants are definitely smart.

Now I've found another idea that seems to presume that plants are smart. It's called Winter Sowing. Instead of sowing all your seeds inside under lights you plant the varieties that sound like they might survive winter in the wild in flats and leave them outside and let them just do their thing. Imagine... planting your peas and poppies in January when you have plenty of opportunity.

I think I'll stop imagining and get started right away. Last frost isn't until about the first of May here and it would be lovely to save the inside space for plants that really do need warmth to germinate, like tomatoes and eggplants.

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