08 February 2009

Our friend and favorite cartoonist, Peter, has sent us this wonderful ditty about the arrival of the new cat.

"Well, this is how I made it here folks:"

"I was born in Dundee, in Scotland, and when my old ma was dying she told me to go to Cupar in Fife and find my Uncle Tam but when I got there he had emigrated to Santa Fe in the USA, So I got myself a job as "Ship's Cat" on one of those Rhine Barges that go up to Perth and when I had earned my sea going ticket, found a berth on a Container Boat out of Amsterdam.

"When I got to New York I made myself agreeable to an old lady who took me on a train to Chicago. Once there I hitched a lift on a truck to Santa Fe, only to find my uncle had passsed away. However, his folks had gone to a place called Floyd in Virginia. Found a truck going east and after working around a bit finally got to Roanoke and walked from there.

"They seem a real nice berth, and some great company too. Guess I'll stay on and write a book!"


Chetworth responds:

"That's a lot of livin' for a cat who hasn't even hit adulthood. I don't buy it. Here he shows up just after us, eats our food, plays outside while we hafta stay in all the time, and at night he steals the best room upstairs. AND he eats our food and plays horrible hunting games! I hate my new housemate!!!! Grover says he saw some houses just before the car turned on to our road. I bet he came from one of them!"

Lily responds:

"Chetworth, you're just jealous 'cause I like him... he's lots of fun, you old stick in the mud, and if you'd grow up and quit hanging on your Momma's apron strings, you'd want to play with him, too."

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