27 March 2009

And the answer is....


Miss Girlie Girl has been steadily making progress in becoming a great companion kitty. We can now walk up to her pretty much anywhere in the house and pet her. She even likes to be brushed. Girlie likes it enough that I even managed to get her to roll over onto her big fat side so I could take a look at her kitty nipples. By the looks of those mammary glands, she's definitely about to give us babies in the next couple weeks.


Anonymous said...

Let's see, in two weeks she'll have kittens~April 15...add 8 weeks for mama's best milk and mouser training... that would mean Brian and I could come down for a kitty around mid June! Or purrrrrhaps Russell would like to deliver one in time for the Fort Ticonderoga French and Indian War Re-enactment in late June???
What a lovely mom GirieGirl must be! I think of her as a "tortoise shell"...would that be accurate?

Lausanne said...

Hey, I'm serious about wanting one of Girlie Girl's girls....Did I catch wind that Russell might have reason to come north in mid-late May? Any chance he could relieve G.G. of one winsome girl kitty? We would promise to give her a good home with lot's of wild mice and trees to climb.