28 March 2009

spring fogs bring...

Most valued reader, it has been another day in the fog and drizzle here on the farm; a 'dreich' day as they say in Fife. I took the opportunity to spread rye and fescue ("Kentucky 31") on areas that are low in green cover, to prevent erosion (hopefully). The day lily leaves are growing larger and denser, accompanied in some places by tulips performing likewise. If you click on the fog image to enlarge it and look very carefully betwixt the large trees, those with astute perception may locate a small light crescent - the light in the dining room - the house itself is invisible.

Lest the image posted a few days ago of our partly open dining room lead you astray, here is the basement area, filled almost to the ceiling - and virtually impassable by anyone with more than a 24 inch waist, who with adequate greasing, might be able to slide down the very narrow isle left by the movers. For the moment, it is impassable by either human resident of this house but a place of pleasure and amusement for the felines. My office is little better. Sigh. We have focused on imposing order on the dining room and the den, largely ignoring the remainder.

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