25 March 2009

Spring - maybe

Here in the Blue Ridge mountains, the weather seems more dynamic than most other locales wherein I have dwelt. In recent days, the sun as shown in all his glory, the wind has been negligible, very few clouds and definitely the feel of Spring in the offing. The daffodils are in their great splendor now and the forsythias seem to add more blooms each day. The crocus are now just past their peak (and Nutmeg seems determined to trample them all).

Today has cast doubt on that scenario; in the last 24 hours, the low temperature was 33.8F and the high was 35.2F, it drizzled nearly a third of an inch and late in the afternoon, another fine fog formed and seems determined to endure until at least dark. If this sounds less than desirable, it all depends on perspective (as with all of life). Having read (and believed) the five day forecast which called for rain and cool, I seeded part of the pasture in red clover and these are perfect conditions for its germination, especially if it is followed by more seasonable warmth.

It was a red letter day for the house- through diligent application, April has managed to excavate the dining room table at last - and tonight our eve repast will be served thereon. It may seem trifling to you, dear reader, but for us it is a benchmark of domestic order and the promise of a good life to come.

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