08 March 2009

Genuine Virginia Deer Repellant

The following is from Craigslist Roanoke....

~~TIGER POO ~~ (Natural Bridge)

Date: 2009-03-04, 6:01PM EST

Does your garden get ravaged by deer, rabbits and mice or other little critters? Do you need something to keep them away? Can’t find the right scent to keep them out? Have you tried Tiger and Mountain Lion Poo? Yes you read correctly:) What deer is going to venture into a garden protected by Tigers?!

We offer it by the 5 gallon and 2 ½ bucket. Packed tight with smelly, thick, sticky, wonderful tiger and mountain lion poo, sealed up with a lid. (You wouldn’t want to ride home smelling it.) Once in the yard you won’t notice it, but all the animals will know to stay away! $50(5 gallon) $30 (2 ½ gallon) All Poo sales go to help fund our new Tiger Exhibit and future Mt Lion Exhibit. It's a very poopy fundraiser!

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