01 March 2012

Playing Catch-up

Greetings, devoted reader.When there is much to tell there is no time left in a day to tell you of it. When there is time then there doesn't seem to be much worth telling except chicken jokes and, really, there is only one real chicken joke but it takes a couple years of living with them to understand why it IS a funny joke.

Spring has officially arrived as of last week when, after an eight inch snow, we received a warm rain two days in a row. By "warm" it should be understood that this is a mountain scale warm and not a desert sort of warm. It was 66 degrees Ferenheight. We may still have some minor frosts but it should now be safe to plant out brassicas , peas, and lettuces. (Provided we can exclude the chickens...)

Much of my time has been turned over to the task of reducing the volume of fabric in my sewing room. Few tasks promise to be so daunting and pleasurable at once. Already, I have one quilt about to go on the frame and three more at various stages of cutting and design. There are also a few simple clothing projects in the works.

Included below is a picture of the weather station on that rainy day and another of Jack and Lilly in their roles as devoted sewing supervisors.

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