28 March 2012

Bye Bye Birdies

Tonight I gathered my boarders and crated them for returning to their proper human caretakers in the morning Makes me feel sad- I've grown inordinately fond of them all.

Rounding up the Duck Brigade was the hardest part as I had to use deception and be faster than a worried duck. If you've ever chased a duck then you know it's not a simple task. They will be returning to a better pond, most certainly one better suited to a duck who may be going broody, but who will be my daybreak alarm or demand feed by telling bad jokes until I give in to the demand?

I will miss the little red hen who joyfully joined the Daybreak Chicken Mafia- the hens who have figured out how to make their own pop hole and exit the coop at leisure. She is exceptionally friendly, the sort of bird who enjoys being held. Then there are the Orpington roosters who crow so sonorously. Both leaned toward aggressiveness when they arrived but were soon converted by feed bribery to console themselves with being aggressively hungry and friendly. Yellow Rooster still likes to give a ritual chase but he turns tale (back to the food) the moment I stop and smile at him. I'm glad to be able to live up to my promise that he'd reform his bad boy attitude before he left the farm.

So, dear, poultry-loving readers, by the time most of you read this missive some time tomorrow, I will be bereft of four funny white ducks, thirteen extraordinarily sociable hens, and two beautiful -and reformed- roosters.


Lausanne said...

It is DARN HARD to catch a worried duck, that is so true! We have finally begun to deal with the preponderance of male ducks on the premises. The gender ratio is so skewed that the females have no feathers on the back of their necks! I would like to have more females than males but may have to settle on nearly equal numbers as we sort out which females are fond of which males. Tomorrow morning we'll catch 4 for the freezer...then we'll see who's left. I recently was given a sweet bantam silkie hen I am calling "Juliet" for our lonely bantam Auracana "Romeo" (who's been courting the big breasted Buff Orpingtons in vain...) After the flock gets accustomed to this new member, I'm sure he'll get up his courage and go introduce himself. She looks mighty homesick for her siblings right now on her lonely perch...

Anonymous said...

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