26 March 2012

Bowls Runneth Over

It is the end of March which means it must be time for our annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser post. This community soupfest is probably our favorite annual local event.

For those who do not remember, this is a charity lunch where local potters (there are dozens) make bowls (hundreds and hundreds), local soup masters (a few dozen) make a pot of soup each, and people from near and far come to raise money for hungry kids by giving $15 for their choice of bowl and tasty soup.

We now know to arrive early to get the best choice of both. The line was out the door ten minutes after our arrival and remained that way until some time after we left, an hour and a half later.

The money all goes to provide county kids who are likely to go hungry over the weekend a backpack full of ready-to-eat foodstuffs each week of the school year (There should be a photo following the text.) Each child can be fed for a meager $150 each year.

We won't know the final take until the paper arrives on Thursday but they raised $5,000 in the first ninety minutes. Not too shabby for a place with about 15,000 residents.

[Editorial Note: Mrs. Fuzzy is reduced to writing via telephone at present so the photos appear in an order determined by the App Fairies.]

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