26 March 2012

Two lips

Despite the forecast low of 32F for tonight, the day highs are in the mid-60s and after tonight, a decided warming trend for the dark hours is scheduled. The Oregon Giant snow peas are breaking ground right now as you read these ramblings. The radicchio cannot be far behind.

Mr. Fuzzy, being the photo-gearhead he is, photographed the tulips which burst into bloom this very day with four different lenses. The results are below. He trusts that at least one or two readers of this blog (Judy B.,  Golda & ET) may be interested to examine the subtle differences. The unequal image magnification is a function of the minimum focus of the lens.

Remember, click on an image to enlarge it.


Lausanne said...

Oh my! I am speechless with delight! From the utter delicacy, clarity and brilliance of hue to the softness of light...Ahhhhhh! Thank you Lens Meister and Manipulator of Shutter Speed and Aperture.... Sheer pleasures like this spell SPRING!

JudyB said...

What Lausanne said! Delightful. Love the simplicity of the top photo. All of them make me smile!

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Awwwwww... its pretty deep, Lausanne

Eric said...

Golda and I looked very closely at these, then slept on it and looked some more. Sheer red-channel-blowing delight. A bouquet of bokeh.

The differences in rendering are fascinating to compare, and to mull one's responses to. The Diana is very nice, but with this subject I'm a little distracted by so much detail being treated with so much painterliness. For me, 'a few too many notes', as the king said to Mozart. The Nikkor and the Sigma are both showing really pedigreed behavior, with the Sigma very sweet on that image. But I keep coming back to the Imagon; I think it's magic. It shows me that soft-focus lives in a different place than out-of-focus (bokeh). I even like that it's turned down the contrast a notch.

Thanks for the great images and the tutorial.