24 March 2012

Rain at last

The farmers have been very worried of late; the unusually high temperatures and total lack of rain remind them of last summer, a ten week drought with serious economic and environmental consequences. Mr. Fuzzy, of course, has been deeply concerned as well.

Last night a light drizzle began after dark and continued on until about sunrise, contributing 6/10ths of sorely needed precipitation. If the forecast is to be believed, more may fall before the day is completed.

Here is a red dogwood this morning. Remember, you may always click on an image to enlarge it.

May your part of the world be receiving enough heavenly nourishment.


Lausanne said...

Another beautiful photograph Mr. Fuzzy! I snagged it for our spring desktop!

Eric said...

Very nice shot indeed of the dogwood, with the plane of focus perfectly judged. And the lens did not let you down; the 105 Nikkor by any chance (please don't say Lensbaby)?

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Eric, I just 'invested' in a new lens, the 85mm f/1.4 Sigma. Even with 1/8000th on the camera, can't shoot wide open on sunny days but its just made for light overcast! I think the bouquet may be superior to my Nikkor 135 F/2 DC even. Still working with both as there is much to know.

JudyB said...

Just beautiful!