07 March 2012

Under the Full Moon

The modern Cherokee name for the full moon of March is "Ah-nv-yi" and that certainly describes today accurately. The wind was never still and gusted to at least 21 mph. The majority of the day was cloudless and would have been exceedingly pleasant at 55F had the winds not played havoc. Gardeners are getting itchy fingers here in Floyd county and many have put out their cold weather crops. Mr. Fuzzy intends to do a little planting soon himself.

Since Mr. Fuzzy has lately been a traveling man, he may have missed the precise moment of opening but the witch hazel is now in full bloom. Most of the daffodils are now in their radiant glory although because of the occasional frigid night, some have thus far withheld their shameless displays of beauty. Greater bounty awaits us.


farmland investing said...

Mr. Fuzzy is one adorable dude!

Elece Hollis said...

Nice spring photos. I like them. The crocus are so welcome and the chicks cute.

Anonymous said...

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