20 February 2012

Old Man Winter

What a surprise - the only real snowfall of the winter began Sunday morning and ended in the night sometime. About eight inches now blankets Stratheden Farm although, surprise, the forecast high for today is 50F. Mr. Fuzzy will let the sun clear the driveway rather than Mr. Fuzzy and the Ford tractor... There would have been more depth but the ground was warm and when the storm began, the air temperature was right at the freezing point. Had Sunday morning's reading been say 28F, another three or four inches would have accumulated.

Sunday about 4:00 p.m. snow was falling at a furious rate.

By sunset, about four or five inches had fallen.

And here are the views at sunrise this fine morn.


Juniper Lillee said...

Beautiful pictures and kitty!

Anonymous said...

Wow! beautiful winter pictures scene, Thanks for sharing.
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