14 February 2012


The Creator sure has a sense of humor! Mr. Fuzzy's last post was on the subject of an abnormally early spring, with all things green erupting from the warming earth. Last Sunday morning, the mercury was stuck on 11F at sunrise, after a night of gale winds roaring through the forest. The chill factor was sub-zero. Sunday's high reading was 26F, still windy.

The arctic front began its onslaught early on Saturday. From 8:00 a.m. onward, the temperature dropped lower with each passing hour of the day - and with the high wind extracting any remaining warmth from the earth. As Mrs. Fuzzy discovered while departing for a few town errands about five o'clock that evening, egress from the farm was prevented by a 60 foot white pine tree laying across the driveway. Mr. Fuzzy fired up a chain saw and worked until the light faded but was unable to open the passageway.

On Monday morning, with chainsaw in hand, Mr. Fuzzy finished opening the track by finally removing the top half of the tree. However, the butt end of the tree, about thirty feet in length, remains above the road on the  steep hillside. This is a dangerous working situation as the trunk will be want to slide downward; it is very difficult to know which branches anchor it in place. Mr. Fuzzy will be very circumspect in whatever work will be done.

Since exiting Stratheden on Sunday was yet prevented by the blockage, the Fuzzies, with the consent of their neighbor, left the farm by way of his field. He had recently caused a first class fence to be erected, replacing an ancient fence long beyond any real service for its intended purpose. The new fence contained the addition of a strategically placed gate - which allowed the Fuzzies to join the normal Sunday breakfast crew at the Blue Ridge Cafe, without resorting to walking to town in subzero chill factor conditions. Huzzah for the gate!


Lausanne said...

Such an adventure for you folks to get to town! I wonder why your neighbor erected such a multi-strand fence along your border...what does he intend to keep within his enclosure? Goats? Fallow deer? Turkeys? That is quite a heavy duty and expensive investment! We are getting early sugaring weather up here...freezing nights and slightly above freezing days. We haven't put out the buckets yet so although the sap is running a bit we're not ready to haul it in.
I'm going up to Quebec to get my dose of winter snow for back country skiing in a couple of weeks...we haven't had enough for any length of time to warrant pulling out my skis or snowshoes. Strange winter weather this year.

HannahJohnson said...

Interesting read I really enjoyed it.