22 June 2011


Some of you readers don't know us animals so i thought I'd introduce you to my big brother. That's him. He's bigger than me. He enjoys napping, stealing prey from other cats, waking everyone up at the butt crack of dawn, eating (lots) and getting his head washed by his mommy.

He wouldn't admit it but he's a big fat wussy boy. thankfully, he doesn't stay up late enough to catch me writing this and he never, ever, reads the computer so he'll never know. K?

Cool. I'm chuffed we're on the same page here.

So, I uess you also want to know where he fits in to the family... he's my adoptive bro. he had this really scrappy mama that the pound didn't think was "safe around humans" so they took him and his sister away and gave them to my mama, MamaCat, to raise. He's like glue with her. We all came to the "Fuzzy's" house umpteen years ago with my other real sibs but only us two were COOL enough to stay. People daddy didn't want our mommy to be "put down" (whatever that is- I hear it's REALLY BAD.) so she stayed too.

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