20 June 2011

The Doctor is In

Well, good golly it's been a long time since i got on this infernal thing! i forgot how warm and cozy it can be. Mmmmmmmmmm

It is nice, dear reader, to see that People Mama has had the courage to put a more than decient banner on the blog for once. I liked the snow one but it's not as good as this banner. I mean, LOOK at me! I am so handsome there, heading out to hunt mice and vole and wildebeest.

I stopped writing, dearest reader, because Mama grounded me for being too direct with Miss Annie, Mr. Fred, and Miss Girlie about my feelings. Stoopid MAMA! She can be soooo mean some times about how us cats work things out.

And we HAVE worked things out.


Fred and I are TIGHT these days. Even Grover likes him now. We pal around and always sleep together in the afternoons when he's around. (Sometimes he goes off for a few days but I'm not allowed to reveal where. pbttht!) he's so cool, he even lets me clean his ears if i want. being a doctor, i know how important it is to maintaining good health. And, really, folks, a cat cannot do a respectable job on the inside by himself. Anyone with a good mother knows this to be true. unfortunately, Fred had a crappy mom who never did that for him so it took a while for him to realize the wisdom of my offers.

Girlie and I have a truce. I ignore her and she ignores me. I sleep on the bed and she has her tower. Only Fred ever gets on that tower. I saw Jack get up there one day and he looked like he'd breached Forth Knox and didn't know what to do with himself. (So he jumped down before anyone could tell on him.)

Annie is still a "little princess." SEE MAMA? I'm *still* controlling my tongue and not calling her the B-word even though you call that stupid mean mama chicken by that word. HUH? HUH? How come *I* can't use that word and YOU can? [Editor's note: I'm the boss and you've got a potty mouth, that's why.] Anyway, I'm practicing being nice to her but she won't play with me. I try to greet her and she hisses and growls, though it's getting better now that I "don't participate" in her "issues." I can lay in my spot on the bed and she can lay in her tower beside it and we can artfully ignore each other. No growling or nothin' Grover is still a p**** though. He gets on the bed and walks across EVERYBODY and threatens to chase Annie so she growls at him still. MamaCat also hasn't learned to "not participate" but she's got kitty PTSD so I think People Mama should go easy on her.

At any rate, Miss Annie isn't home half the time so it doesn't matter what we think of each other. the other day, though, she didn't mind too much when I jumped up beside her to eat some kibbles.... Maybe she secretly loves me?

Anyway, I wanted you to know that even though all you've heard about lately is rain and plants and chickens that us cats are here and doing fine. Daddy didn't mention all the mice we've been catching since the field got cut. It's been GREAT! Man, we catch a mouse a day each if we decide to put half a mind to it. Heck even RUFUS has been catching mice.

Oh, and the chicks, we're cool. Fred is in charge of chick-cat relations and he says they aren't the edible kind so there's nothing to think about with them. besides, they spend most of their time in a cage. :(

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