11 June 2011

Knee High By The....

...Fourth of June?

Yep.... the first planting of corn is already knee high! I started it in peat pellets because I wanted to be certain that all of our miniscule supply of Country Gentleman would germinate. (36 seeds) Mr Fuzzy laughed at me for doing this but has since apologized after learning it's a fairly common practice around here, where the growing season can be a bit short.

As you can see, they are planted in a small block on top of a collapsed compost heap. My experimental hypothesis is that corn likes a nitrogen rich environment so, like squashes, they should do especially well there.... provided they don't fall over due to an insecure footing!

We'll see...

There are a pair of cucumber vines planted with the corn and, in the foreground, you can see the zucchinis that were started at the same time. I have no idea what's wrong with the one on the left. It probably won't make it.

Earlier this week I planted my second block of corn, seeds gifted to us by our friend Momfeather, and simply labeled "OLD NDN CORN FROM NC." There were 45 seeds, enough to plant a 4 x 5 block of paired seedlings. These are in another row that has just a thin (4" finished) layer of composted-in-place coffee grounds and chicken litter. I'll plant some pole beans with them next week, once the corn's roots are starting to reestablish.

For those of you who don't believe me on the height... here's is proof. Pasty white leg, granny garden dress, and all!

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