18 June 2011

House Chick Update

Two days on and Persimmon is growing very nicely. In hope of having a hen, we have chosen to use feminine pronouns until proven otherwise.

Miss P. enjoys periodic forays to the kitchen or outside with me while I garden. Some of the pussycats are intrigued and the dogs desperately want her to play. Rufus play bows and everything. Right now Persimmon is running around the keyboard 'helping' me write. She'd follow me around everywhere if I let her.

Last evening another chick hatched from an egg I had presumed dead but which Squeaky refused to leave. Squeaky is still a horrible mother and let the poor thing wander off to be beaned by Miss Bett. I must have found it just after it happened because the chick was still crying and not too cold.

I brought it in, cleaned up it's torn skin, and gave it a home in a cage within Persimmon's cage to see if it would revive and live through the night. Remarkably, it has! It is eating and drinking well on its' own. FYI, chicks really dig sugar water. (They do a little head wriggle when something new is especially wonderful.) She is getting Chick Quick and OTC doxycycline in her water to keep infection at bay. Please cross your fingers and say your prayers that she makes it.

So, now we have TWO chicks living in the house. This new one is a bantam Cochin x Dominique with classic female markings: dark legs and a tight white spot on her head. Any suggestions for naming this one? She's only got one operable eye and will never have feathers on her cheeks.

P.S. In an unrelated development, the farm has received nearly half an inch of rain over the last two days! Hurrah!!!


Jenny Woolf said...

Oh nice! :)

The Language Wench said...

Jenny, for the Pirate Jenny, since she is the one eyed wonder. Or Anne Bonny if you want another lady pirate name. I'm sure there are others but those two I know off the top of my head.

Glad to hear you could save the little one and love the imagine of your two little indoors chicks. What an adventure! Good luck, dear heart.