16 June 2011

Meet Your New Brother

That's right, there's been a new addition to the Stratheden Farm Family.

The pussycat is Fred Tweedle, one of the kittens born two years ago. He's a real lover when he decides to hang out at home. Chet (up on the banner) and us humans like to call him Chet Jr. as Dr. Chetworth took him under his proverbial wing and taught Fred "everything he knows." (To quote that good doctor...)

Now it seems to be Fred's turn to take a young'un under his own "wing."

Fred is still not entirely sure he wants the Chicken Uncle gig but he checks on Persimmon when he passes through the dining room and is quite happy to allow the little one to snuggle up under his arm or neck.

Little Persimmon (gender unknown) was the sole survivor when one of our little hens abandoned her chicks to set on eggs only a few hours after they'd hatched. This one had a lot of trouble hatching as it's mama was a bantam and it's papa wasn't... s/he filled the egg so completely that s/he couldn't maneuver inside. Mrs. Fuzzy had to help by picking away part of the shell until Persimmon could unfold a leg and push out.

If you have ever heard that the first creature a bird sees upon hatching is the one they imprint upon it is true! Persimmon follows Mrs. Fuzzy around the garden and chicken-howls if, upon awakening, Mrs. Fuzzy is not present.

Rufus & Grover are madly jealous... the rest of the indoor clan don't give a whit about the new one.


Lausanne said...

What a couple of sweetie pies! I've heard of the lion laying down with the lamb, but never this kind of cozy acceptance! I hope they can maintain their gracious relationship as they mature and don't develop "issues"!

Jenny Woolf said...

This is so funny! what great pictures. I hope they stay friends.