13 June 2011


Mrs. Fuzzy got her garden in before the onslaught of the monsoon that was late April and most of May. It rained a little, generally no much, almost every day. The ground was thoroughly saturated and could not be worked by the tiller we acquired... so as the days went on, Mr. Fuzzy got nervous about planting too late and worked his garden entirely with a grubbing hoe... he has used this hoe for two years now and is convinced it is the best general purpose garden hoe available - certainly nothing else can penetrate the heavy compacted clay soil at Stratheden.

After the monsoon ceased, Mr. Fuzzy planted his seeds and waited... and the rains went all around but not here. Finally on Sunday the clouds dropped about 0.28 inches, and all of the sudden the stressed sprouts gained vigour and size. Oh, so thankful for that rainfall.

As an experiment, there are three long rows and six small mounds (in the Cherokee mode). Germination has been very uneven; the Hopi rattle gourds and the Alcalde chile were both reseeded after zero germination. An heirloom corn, "Cajun," on the other hand jumped right up in just four days and the Silver Queen corn seems to be doing well (see photo). The Hale's muskmelons are sprouting well as are the Black Wax beans. But the "Blood" beans which emerged in just four days last summer (to be devoured by the deer) are not germinating at all.

Today was a bench mark on the farm for the year - when the hay is mowed. The warm dry days should dessicate the cut hay quickly and be ready for baling in a couple of days.

Around the farm hoos, some daylilies are at their glorious peak while others have yet to bloom - but the number of buds promises a riot of color from those in a few days.

Life is good here.

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