26 June 2009


Humbug! Mama just set me up with my own Blogger account so that readers wouldn't be confused thinking that SHE writes these posts. Ha! I AM A SMART CAT. But I am kinda ticked off to see that the last post featured a picture of the mini girl cat. Evil things!

Mama says I'm supposed to be writing on the things I've been overseeing here on the farm OKAAAAY MAHM! (Mom's still stuck cleaning that room of hers.)

So outside, in my domain, has been all in an uproar. Mama kept us inside part of the day for Two Whole Days (meanie!) because this guy called Mr. Simpson The Cattle Farmer Next Door came over with a noisy tractor and stuff stuck on behind it. Each day the stuff changed and now the scary tall grass is all gone. I've seen Daddy "mow" but this guy was waaaaayyyyyy faster and I *think* the big blocks of grass smelling things are where he put it. I didn't get to see how but a quick Googling leads me to believe he used something called a "round bailer" to make them.

They're sort of pretty and we can climb up on them but it's all in the hot sun so not fun most of the day.

OK... job done. Now I can tell you what else I saw today. I saw Mama let the short haired orange baby out into the patio today. I don't think Mama saw me watching from the day lily patch but I saw this With My Own Eyes! They were only out for twenty minutes or so but STILL!

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