03 June 2009

Feeling more like myself

Perhaps the title begs the question: what else could I feel like? Without a darkroom, it is difficult to feel like a photographer (contrary to what all of the digi-heads think... they're afraid of the dark). Yesterday, with Mrs. Fuzzy's indulgence, the JOBO processor was carted from the basement to the kitchen sink where four 4x5 black & white negatives were successfully processed, the first here at the farm. You are unlikely to understand the relief and elation engendered by seeing the four negatives hanging on the drying line.

Another benchmark passed at Stratheden Farm.


Judy B said...

love that you are getting back to your photography. have a question...what is the dark object under the flowering tree?

Kerik said...

Congratulations on getting your hands wet again. Nothing like the site of fresh negs drying on the line! Love the "standing stones" shot!

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

Judy, it's another bush behind that tree.