06 June 2009

Dred Organizers Grow on Trees

Or so it seems. We've had many dealings with such types in the last few days. Perhaps they grow them like cabbages in the next holler?

Today I took five of the second-cutest kittens up to the little college town of Radford where I met two other Floyd Humane Society volunteers to show off dogs and cats to folks visiting the Grove United Methodist Church annual yard sale & community 'do. They had a helicopter and a fire truck too... which meant large numbers of young children waiting until the 'copter landed. "Something to do" translated as "pet the kitties and doggies." It was lovely.

Then last night was First Friday at the arts center. ooooh Lots o' organizers there too. Terrible people. They hang shows of local art and have lovely classes to teach you new arts and crafts. Don't mess with them, though. They have blacksmiths and glassblowers!

And then there are those pesky village governments out in the county. Off they go donating the village hall, sound system, and hot dogs to throw a beneft to help an unemployed lady fighting her second bout of cancer.

Naughty, naughty people!

But it gets worse. There's this group called Angels in the Attic who run a really inexpensive thrift shop and send nearly 100K a year (their total earnings) to various local charities in need. And the worst of the worst... Plenty... a loose association of kind people who grow extra vegetables and keep extra laying hens to share the surplus with housebound and poor neighbors.

Why am I telling you this, in this way? Because someone tried to insult me for being something a pinko ecohead because I posted a wee thing from some other, national, community organizers on my Facebook page. See, your average pinko commie conservationist about Floyd is as likely to be an old school conservative Christian and Republican as she is a head-in-the-60's Democrat.

Ain't that cool?

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