22 June 2009

Almost a Camera!

Last evening I figured out how to use the webcam thing on this laptop so now I can show you at least a few pictures while we're passing through the Valley of Camera Death. I still have my first digital camera... it's about ten years old... and when I find it I promise to take some pictures on the farm. For now, enjoy this little picture of Baby Bea on the studio carpet.

I haven't seen more than a few square feet of it since our stuff arrived and yesterday was spent having a happy little clear-out. The kitties have lived in the room off and on so you can guess how gross it was because I couldn't get in there to properly clean. Turns out the Rug Doctor pet stain remover is as good as it says. I sprayed it on late last night and this morning all but the two worst stains are gone. Now I'm off to run the machine and get the carpet all nice and beautiful again.

Not sure how the lady in the picture is swinging that machine.... they weigh 35 pounds and there's no handle!



That little machine sure did the job! Even the unspeakable gifts the kittens hid under the furniture are gone. Not mostly.... totally!

Doesn't that look better? Now to put everything back after the carpet is dry. I think I'll be making a giant trash pile with all those years' worth of excess accumulation!

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Jocelynne said...

Your carpet looks beautiful! You give me new hope that I can make head way with the chemo treatment stains on our carpets. You know what though, the kitten really makes the picture. What a darling girl.