19 June 2009

Nosing Around

So, yesterday we had a little worry along the lines of the "what the hell are the neighbors up to?" variety. As you may recall, the property next door is up for sale either in its' entirety or as two parcels (house / land.) To sell the land separately requires an access easement on the house section and we thought "oh no, they're putting in a road to improve its' saleability."

So, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky I turned the wrong way out my drive and took a look see. At least whatever they're doing it'll be done right because Tim Boothe was on the job.... and blocking the spur road with his dump truck.

Sooooo... later in the day we go for a wee wander to see what's up. Can you say:

"The Fuzzies are neurotic." ???

I thought you could!

We discovered it was not an improvement or extension of an existing old roadbed that pops out on our lower property line but a bang-up job of road improvement along a section of the spur as far as the next neighbor over. Gravel, grading, new ditch, lots of gravel... and a big cleared area. Hmmmm...... who owns that lot 'cause it looks like a house trailer might be going in...

A few inquiries and it's all OK. Our next neighbor over was just at the end of their string with all the washouts that spur has had this year. All our rain has been nice for the ground but not so good on that ancient and ill-kept farm road.


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