16 June 2009

Jumpin' Jehosphat

The seeds are a-jumpin' up! Planted just last Wednesday afternoon, the beans began showing themselves by Saturday afternoon. Much of the corn (all three types) and the Russian Red sunflowers (but not the Giants) have also shot upwards in search of Old Sol. Can't say that I've ever seen corn germinate so quickly.

It has rained virtually every day since the seeds were planted. I'm really surprised that there has been enough sun for them to grow. Enjoyed breakfast at Hardy's this morning with a Lodge brother and a couple of his old buddies, all in their sixties and local, none of whom could remember a spring and early summer as damp as this year.

Mrs. Fuzzy's plants that she started in the green house and has now transplanted into the raised beds are also thriving. The squash (pictured here) are getting huge and bloom madly. Some have little three inch long squash already.

UPDATE: I went out just before dinner to inspect the garden again - you can't be too vigilant. Now several more sunflowers have reared up, nearly all of the beans, most of the corn, some of the melons and squashes, the Delaware tobacco (teeny, teeny sprouts)... in fact, everything except the Giant Sunflowers. Given that there was no sun whatsoever today and the high temperature was 62F in the fog, this seems pretty surprising.

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Lausanne said...

Whoopee! Isn't "spring" grand?! So much changes so quickly...I am running behind, as usual, in my planting, weeding, thinning and mulching but I must love the pressure to keep at it, because not a morning do I wake without a list in mind of what HAS to be done in the garden.
We're eating our first strawberries of the season, lots of spinach and lettuce salads with fresh radishes and garnished with sliced hard boiled duck eggs and Brian's tasty garlic and basil goat cheese crumbled in...with a balsamic vinaigrette that has our homemade maple syrup in it. Life doesn't get much better than this!