24 April 2009

Well Hush My Mouth!

I'm sure we don't qualify for the pinko-greenie-sustainable nut badge from the Green Crusaiders but I do try to shop in a little more ethical and sustainable way than "on average." (It also happens to be a bit healthier and cheaper too.)

We do USDA Organic at the grocery where possible, choose loose veggies over the shrink wrapped stuff, use biodegradable detergents, LED and fluorescent light bulbs, along with eating local pastured eggs and dairy. One of our exceptions, though, is soup. The "ethical" brands are uniformly pretty lousy in the flavor department so Mr. Fuzzy gets stuff from the "conventional" isle. (Do they separate them to prevent cross-breeding?) You might appreciate my surprise when I started reading the label on Campbell's "Select Harvest" soups:

The ingredients are composed of actual food.
The label is printed with soy ink.
The label is of 75% recycled fiber.
The line has no MSG, no colorings, no unpronounceable additives and relatively low sodium.

And it doesn't cost a fortune or taste like crap!

Way to go, Campbell's! You've beat Whole Paycheck at their own game while canning a soup that I, Mrs. Fuzzy, will willingly eat. That's no mean feat.

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