11 April 2009

Seeds and things

Sun. Snow. Rain. Mist. Hot. Cold.... what country am I in again? We're definitely getting all four seasons in a day right now! Thankfully, the greenhouse is kept warm with a little electric heater at night so our newly seeded flats will be nice and cozy no matter what.

The pussycats and I have really enjoyed our time in there... Outside: cold and drizzling. Inside: bikini weather. Today Nutmeg got in on the planting action too by helping me put in the peas. I know... I'm a bit late... but, really, last frost isn't until the end of the month, sometimes into May around here. That works out, doesn't it?

Nutter has also begun to accompany me to the ever growing compost pile. Thankfully, she hasn't put 2 + 2 together yet as she's too busy investigating the smelly alliums that seem to grow wild in our open areas. They aren't pungent so I think we're saved the torture of ramps. Maybe.

So what are we planting in our first ever "serious" garden? It seems like two of everything except Brussles sprouts, parsnips, and broccoli. Give me a bit and I'll post our list of edibles. We ordered mostly heirloom seeds from Baker Creek in Missouri and from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange here in Virginia. Doing this is VERY dangerous as the Baker catalog is like a fine art book of vegetable photographs and Southern Exposure has every sort of herb you've ever read about in some popular anthro tome on Cherokee living. It's a miracle we aren't growing 10 kinds of tomato and 15 pumpkins and gourds. With 14 raised beds, we had to stop somewhere!

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